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by Chelsea beauty

Chelsea Wentz (By Chelsea Beauty) is a professional bridal makeup artist. She specializes in on location luxury bridal makeup services. Whether you want a natural radiant look or full-on bombshell glam, her passion for makeup drives her to create versatile looks that will take your natural beauty to the next level. Chelsea has a background in esthetics and experience working with all skin tones and textures. She has trained with celebrity makeup artists and continues to take masterclasses to improve her artistry and keep up with the latest trends!


The Team

Fae Florals

As the founder and creative force behind Fae Florals, Korrine brings nine years of expertise in the floral industry to every bespoke arrangement and design. With a strong foundation in traditional floral design, honed through four years of hands-on training and mentorship in a busy shop setting, she developed a distinctive style that blends a natural, woodsy aesthetic with a keen eye for color and texture. Inspired by the whimsy of the fairy realm, Korrine’s heart work at Fae Florals is dedicated to crafting enchanting, one-of-a-kind floral creations that transport and delight. 



Hello friends! My name is Elizabeth Desmond and I am the owner of EllieCakes & CO. I have been an avid baker since I was a child, with some of my best memories in the kitchen with my grandmother. As an adult I strive to keep the traditional baking methods alive while combining them with modern techniques. Every dessert I create is truly made with love. The greatest joy is seeing the smiling faces of those I create and bake for. I am beyond thrilled to be a part of Jim Thorpe Elopements and to be a small part of amazing memories for those in this wonderful community. 



Your wedding day is your special day and all eyes are on you. 

Our experienced team of licensed cosmetologists and makeup artists possess the knowledge, expertise, and innovation to create that professional, flawless appearance you've always dreamed of. 

We're honored to bring the salon to you by offering on-location bridal services. 


Rev. Brian Weis

Although he is a technical writer by training and profession, Rev. Brian S. Weis has always felt a keen interest in spirituality and a desire to aid others that eventually led him to become a trained and ordained interfaith minister
While recognizing the validity of all spiritual traditions, Rev. Brian himself practices a revitalized and inclusive expression of Heathenry (i.e., Germanic/Scandinavian Paganism). He loves ceremonies that seek to celebrate cultural background through honest expressions of family, cultural, and historic traditions. 


Katherine Hunter Celebrant

Since 2017 Katherine Hunter has been helping couples craft deliberately small and intimate wedding days. She’s passionate about minimizing the planning and maximizing the celebration for couples who choose to elope. As a Celebrant, Katherine embraces all loving couples and joyfully celebrates their commitment to one another. Engaged couples are drawn to her for her expertise, and praise her warm, calming presence. She’s recognized as a preferred vendor by many top Lehigh Valley and Poconos wedding venues. 


Lois HEckman Humanist Celebrant

Lois is a full-time professional wedding officiant with over 1,000 ceremonies since 2005, honoring various traditions and creating personalized ceremonies. About a decade ago, she and her husband opened Harmony Gardens for elopements and micro-weddings. Lois instructs at the Celebrant Academy and writes the "Ceremony Matters" column. She's featured in several publications and is the author of The Orange on the Plate, a Liberated Seder. Listen to her on the "Put A Ring On It" podcast.


TLC - Pastor Tom & Carolyn

TLC’s goal is to create your dream wedding ceremony. This special day will reflect you and your partner’s story. You can count on trusted, caring professionalism, creativity and attention to detail. TLC’s goal is to celebrate your love and create memories that will last a lifetime. 

Tom and Carolyn Albright are seminary trained ordained ministers and together have over 30 years experience. They can accommodate for a variety of traditions and styles. Premarital support, conversations and planning are available, and they work closely with each couple to start their journey in the best possible way. Together Life Celebrations is ready to make your big day the first chapter in an epic love story!


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